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Traffic Flow at Pound

Due to the large number of cars that come to Pound for pickup of students at the end of the school day we are asking that you again use the following plan that includes the enforcement of the “No Parking or Stopping” signs located on the west side of 45th street and the north side of La Salle.

  1. All traffic on 45th street (in front of the school) must be northbound. Cars will not be allowed to drive southbound in front of the school and pick up students on the west side of 45th. This eliminates students crossing traffic to get to their rides.

  2. All traffic on La Salle must be eastbound and cars will pick up students on the school side of the street. Again, this eliminates the dangerous crossing of traffic to get to a waiting car.

  3. Please use the following spots for picking up your student(s) to assist us in maintaining a safe pickup procedure.

    6th graders – north of the school on La Salle street (eastbound only)

    7th graders – 45th street near the Ginny intersection (northbound only)

    8th graders – 45th street near the front or south of the front door (northbound only)

    If you pick up students in more than one grade please establish ONE of these pickup points for all of your riders and expect them to be at the established point every day. Students will be instructed where they should plan to meet their rides.

  4. Please remain in your cars and use the traffic pattern to pick up your students. Once all of the drivers who come to Pound for after school pickup are used to it things will go smoothly.

The map should be helpful to you. Thank you for assisting us with the challenge of moving a large number of cars through the area easily and most importantly, for helping to maintain the safety of our students.