Student Bulletin 2-19-21


Friday, February 19th, 2021


TODAY’S ENTRÉE: Creamed Turkey, Salisbury Steak, or Sunbutter and Jelly Sandwich

MONDAY’S ENTRÉE: Corn Puppies, Nebraska Bun, Cheese Ravioli, or Chik’n Patty on a Bun

MONDAY’S BREAKFAST: Mini Cinnis, Apple Jacks, or Super Star Donut Hole

Today is an X day


SQUIRE KINDNESS WEEK: Today is the final day of Kindness Week, and it’s been fun!  Love seeing those kinds acts and comments you’re doing for each other!! Let’s keep kind acts and gestures going well beyond today.  When we do kind things for others, they feel so good about what we did that they will go out and do kind acts, too. As kindness is passed on from one person to another, an outward ripple effect is created, like a raindrop that falls into water.  In this way kindness can be passed on, bringing happiness and encouragement over and over.  Morgan Freeman (a famous African American actor) once said, “How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time.”  The smallest acts of kindness can change a life.  Keep on making kindness the norm, today and every day.

8th Graders: You will register for High School classes TODAY during 2nd period.  Go to your assigned classroom directly after 1st period. 

Pound Trap Team: You still have time to be part of the Pound Trap Team (NOT TRACK), but this is the last week to register for the 2021 season. Please see the office for more information.

LUNCH CARDS: Students MUST have their lunch card to get a lunch, no exceptions. Be sure you have yours BEFORE going to the cafeteria. Our cafeteria staff members have been nice, and have let some of you give your names to get your lunches. No more. You have to have your card.


First in order of time or most important

Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible