Student Bulletin 2-17-21


Wednesday, February 17th, 2021


TODAY’S ENTRÉE: Mucho Nachos Meat with Cheese Sauce and Tortilla Rounds, Country Beef Patty on a Bun, or Black Bean Salsa Burger

TOMORROW’S ENTRÉE: Tangerine Chicken, Lemon Chicken on Brown Rice, or Stuffed Crust Cheese Pizza

TOMORROW’S BREAKFAST: Banana Chocolate Chunk Breakfast Bar, Froot Loops, or Chocolate Chip Mini Loaf

Today is an X day


Washington’s Birthday is celebrated the third Monday in February: 

Monday, the United States celebrated the birth of George Washington.  Washington was a general in the American Revolution and helped defeat the British.  He was unanimously selected as the first President of the United States.  Happy Belated Birthday, George.

Today is the start of Squire Kindness Week activities. WEDNESDAY: Happy Mr. Rogers’ Day to you! Yes, IT IS a beautiful day in the neighborhood when everyone is showing kindness to each other. Did you know that kindness is actually a healthy thing to do? Yes, it is! Studies show that kind acts actually make you feel better because it boosts your brain’s feel-good receptors. It eases anxiety and stress, and it can strengthen your heart by affecting its chemical balance in a positive way. Hey! If you’re a recipient of a special pink Pound Pound for doing a kind act during this week, you can be entered into a guaranteed drawing for a prize, yes, you are guaranteed a prize! Put your pink Pound Pound in the appropriate jar for your grade in the office. Don’t forget your first and last name on the back!! You can also use those pink Pound Pounds for purchases at the Pound Store. Tomorrow’s dress up theme: Team Kindness Day—wear any sports attire to show that nothing beats being kind! Keep exploring the good and making kindness the norm! 

MEDIA CENTER: Yay! The Library is FINALLY open for 8th-grade lunch! If you eat cold lunch, come on down! We can’t wait to see you.

Pound Trap Team: You still have time to be part of the Pound Trap Team, but this is the last week to register for the 2021 season. Please see the office for more information.


First in order of time or most important

Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible