Student Bulletin 8-31-20


Monday, August 31st, 2020


TODAY’S ENTRÉE: Breaded Chicken Patty, Personal Hamburger Pizza, or Vegan Burrito

TOMORROW’S ENTRÉE: Walking Taco, Cherry Chicken on Brown Rice, or Chick’n Nuggets

TOMORROW’S BREAKFAST:  Rolled egg & Turkey Sausage Taco, Cinn. Toast Crunch, or Super Stick

Today is an X day.


CELL PHONE POLICY: Students are NOT TO USE PERSONAL CELL PHONES INSIDE THE BUILDING AT ANY TIME. All student cell phones/SmartWatches brought to school must be kept in lockers and turned OFF. Any cell phone that is in sight inside the building at any time will be confiscated and turned in to administration. Parents must come to Pound after the school day to pick up any cell phones that have been confiscated. Students are subject to suspension and privileges to carry cell phones will be lost for repeat offenders.

PICTURE DAY: Picture day is this Friday, September 4th.

WORD OF THE WEEK:   Contract (noun)

A legal agreement between two or more persons

Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible