Daily Bulletin 11/30/2018


Friday, November 30th, 2018




TODAY’S ENTRÉE:  Creamy Mac & Cheese, Personal 3 Meat Pizza, Hot & Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Chef Salad

MONDAY’S ENTRÉEPopcorn Chicken, Turkey Hot Dog on Bun, Cheeseburger Paradise on Croissant, Cheese Pizza Bites, Chef Salad

MONDAY’S BREAKFAST: Mini Chocolate Chip French Toast, Frosted Flakes Cereal, Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bar, Yogurt


Social Skill of the week:

 Sharing Something

  1. Let the other person use the item first
  2. Ask if you can use it later
  3. When you get to use, offer it back to the other person after you’re finished

Reasons: Less likely to hurt someone’s feelings.


Academic Word of the week: integrate (verb) 1) To make into a whole by bringing all part together; unify 2) To open to people of all races or ethnic groups without restriction; desegregate

Today is a Y day


TODAY’s CLUB is Ukulele Club in Vocal Music Room – Mr. Lehman

MONDAY’s CLUBS are Homework Club 6th: 224, 7th: 212, 8th: 214, Pinterest Club in the Media Center, DIY Club in Room 136 – Mrs. Spader, Pokemon Club has been moved to Tuesday, December 4th.


Students, if you are in need of a free used bike please let your grade level counselor know or give your name to Mrs. Linder in the office.  We will have a drawing for those who enter.  Please put your name in by Friday.


Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible