Daily Bulletin 11/08/2018


Thursday, November 8th, 2018



TODAY’S ENTRÉE:  Pepperoni Pizza, BBQ Chicken Thigh, Chili, Chef Salad

TOMORROW’S ENTRÉE: Creamy Mac & Cheese, Personal 3 Meat Pizza, Hot & Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Chef Salad

TOMORROW’S BREAKFAST: Chocolate Filled Crescent, Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, Super Star Donut Hole, Yogurt


Social Skill of the week:

Asking Permission

  1. Look at the person.
  2. Use a calm and pleasant voice.
  3. Say “May I…?”
  4. Accept the answer calmly.

Reasons: Sets you up for future “Yes” answers.


Academic Word of the week: Clarify (verb) To make clear or easier to understand.


Today is an X day


TODAY’S  CLUBS are Homework Club 6th: 224, 7th: 212, 8th: 214, Sower Squad (Book Club) in Media Center

TOMORROW’S CLUB is Ukulele Club in Vocal Music Room – Mr. Lehman


Congratulations to all participants in last night’s National Geographic Bee final competition.  The top finishers were …  1st place – Drew Ekstrum, 8th grade;  2nd place– Mina Fatemi, 7th grade; and 3rd place Nathan Johnson, 8th grade


Arts & Humanities Open House

Interested in a unique and challenging high school experience?  Arts & Humanities invites you to come to their Open House TODAY, November 8 from 6-7 p.m.  Meet teachers and students, take a tour, and ask questions.  Visiting is a great opportunity to see in-depth everything Arts & Humanities has to offer you.


Archery will begin Monday, November 12th

6th Grade – Monday

7th Grade – Thursday

8th Grade – Wednesday

The first practice will run from 3:10-4:30. All other practices will run until 5:00. All practices will be held in the South gym. Plan rides accordingly.




Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible