Daily Bulletin 05/16/2018


Wednesday, May 16th, 2018




TODAY’S ENTRÉE:  Creamy Mac & Cheese, Grilled Chicken Nuggets with Croissant, Hummus w/Cheese Sticks & Scoops, Chef Salad with Croissant


THURSDAY’S  ENTRÉE:  BBQ Chicken with Cinnamon Roll, Cheese Pizza, Chef Salad with Cinnamon Roll


THURSDAY’S BREAKFAST: Pancake & Turkey Sausage on a Stick, Frosted Flakes Cereal, Graham or Animal Crackers


Academic Word of the week:  Illustrate (verb)

  1. To make clear or explain, as by using examples or comparisons
  2. To provide with pictures or diagrams that explain or adorn


Today is a Y day.


TODAY’S CLUBS are Board Games in Room 136 (Ms. Spader), Fun with Food Club in Room 221 (Mrs. Siedel’s Room), Homework Club 6th Grade: 214, 7th Grade: 212, 8th Grade: 207, Makerspace in Rm 130 (Mr. Kenny’s Room)


THURSDAY’S CLUBS are Homework Club 6th Grade: 214, 7th Grade: 212, 8th Grade: 207 (Thursday is the last day for Homework Club. Homework Club will not be meeting the last week of school), Sower Squad Club in the Media Center


Please check the lists posted outside the office to see if you have an overdue item (or 2 or 3) from the library. Also, please check your @class.lps.org email for a notice. AND, of course, check your lockers!!!!!





Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible