Daily Bulletin 05/07/2018


Monday, May 7th, 2018




 TODAY’S ENTRÉE: Chicken Nuggets with Roll, Turkey Hot Dog on Bun, Philly Cheese Sandwich, Lil’ Nacho Bites, Chef Salad with Roll


TOMORROW’S  ENTRÉE: Soft Shell Beef Taco, Breaded Pork Sandwich, Sub Sandwich, Cheesy Taco, Chef Salad with Roll


TOMORROW’S BREAKFAST:  Egg & Cheese Sandwich, Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal, Graham or Animal Crackers


Academic Word of the week:  Valid (adjective)

  1. Well-grounded; just
  2. Having legal force; legally accepted


Social Skill of the week:

Accepting Decisions of Authority.

  1. Look at the person.
  2. Remain calm and monitor your feelings and behavior.
  3. Use a pleasant voice or neutral tone of voice.
  4. Acknowledge the decision by saying “Okay” or “Yes, I understand.”
  5. If you disagree, do so at a later time.
  6. Refrain from arguing, pouting or becoming angry.

Reasons: You show your respect and, in turn, earn respect.


Today is an X day.


TODAY’S CLUBS are Homework Club 6th Grade: 214, 7th Grade: 212, 8th Grade: 207 and Pinterest Club in Media Center and Rubik’s Cube Club in 211




Pound PTO meets tomorrow from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. in the Pound cafeteria. All interested parents are invited to attend.


The BOGO Book Fair will be in the library all week and is open from 8:00-3:30 each day. You BUY ONE & GET ONE FREE!  You can shop during lunch or after school. All 3 lunches are open for book fair shoppers only today!

If you voted for your favorite Golden Sower last week and were not able to come and get ice cream during recess last Friday, today is the last day for you to get it! Eat quickly and head down for ice cream…only if you are on the list of Golden Sower voters!


Important announcement to the many students who read 8 or more Golden Sowers: We are so proud of you! Stop by the library to claim your reward. Some of you have earned big bucks to spend at the book fair. You do have all week to read more Sowers to get more bucks to spend at the fair, but don’t let the fair end without spending what you’ve won!


It’s the last “Locker Lotto” of the year. If your locker number is posted outside the office window or the library, you have $5 to spend at the book fair! Come down at lunch or after school!


STUCO will be sponsoring the Pound Fun Night Friday May 11, from 3-5 pm. This is for Pound students who are currently attending Pound, grades 6-8.  Parents may volunteer to help.  Students must have a ticket to get in, tickets will be sold for $5 through Thursday before and after school in the commons and 6th Grade Hall.  All games and activities are free.  Bring extra money for concessions.


Yearbook sales before and after school in the commons this week for $25. If you are not sure if you ordered a yearbook check the list in the main office window.

Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible