Daily Bulletin 05/23/2017

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017




TODAY’S ENTRÉE: Pizza, Manager Special

TOMORROW’S ENTRÉE: Hot Sandwich AND/OR Sub Sandwich, Manager Special

TOMORROW’S BREAKFAST: Manager Special, Cold Cereal, Graham or Animal Crackers, 100% Fruit Juice, Fruit Cup


Today is an X day


NO Academic Word or Depth of Knowledge Word this Week


NO CLUBS this week


One more time, the first 30 students who come to the media center after the last bell today may choose a free book.


All 6th and 7th graders interested in auditioning for Squire Choir, listen up.  There will be auditions held TODAY for next year’s Squire Choir.  Please come today for 20 minutes after school (3:00-3:20)  Plan your ride accordingly.


TEACHERS please put your blue recycle bins in the hallway.


6th grade lunch needs to be much cleaner or NO RECESS!!



Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible